Monday, June 27, 2011

The Web Site

Hey Friends,

Wish I could say, go to and you would be on the web site! It is going to happen...just not today!

This web site will empower many people to be able to be personally involved in getting the message of Jesus Christ out to the least reached people groups around the world. It is taking way more time than we estimated to get it up and running.

So, enough for this blog other than we covet your prayers and thoughts as we continue to "move the ball towards the goal line!"


Graydon Jessup
714.488.7922 (soon -:))

Monday, June 20, 2011

Web Site

Dear Friends,

This will be brief as most of my time currently has been consummed with getting our web site up and running. We are a day or two...maybe even three away from getting it completed. When up the address will be:

We are pretty excited about what this is going to do for THE JONATHAN PROJECT and all ministries focusing in on the least reached people groups around the world.

As soon as this site is up we will put the news in this blog as well as put it out on Face Book and our other social connections.

The web site is going to cover a lot of ground for us. It has been a huge project. In the process I have been learning a whole new language...and am still learning!!! I think you will be impressed and blessed as we work together on this project of getting the Gospel out to the least reached people groups.

Graydon Jessup

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finally...a May Post!

Dear Friends,

You are probably wondering if we fell off of the edge of the earth! Not quite but we came close once or twice this past month.

The BIG current project...the development of the HEART AND SOUL90 web site is down to the final laps. Having never been involved in the actual development of a web site I have needed to learn a whole new language! I think Jesus was right when he said: "Don't be sewing a new wineskin to an old wineskin!" Computer language is a "new wineskin"! And let's all confess..."I am an 'old wineskin'"! I just cannot get around that reality. "Migration what? Isn't that what birds do?" No come to find out that is what you do when you take Word processing and apply it to a web function-you are "migrating!" And so there I go, squaking and kicking all of the way!!!

Really, it isn't that bad...just worse! (OK GJ, note to self: Enough whining. Get back to writing the blog!)

The development of the web site is critical to the ongoing support of THE JONATHAN PROJECT and other ministries like JONATHAN. That would be ministries with a passion and heartburn for planting multiplying churches among least reached people groups.

We will be rolling this web site out at the June 3rd meeting with our prayer warriors, supporters and interested friends. At least that is our plan in the moment. We have been assured by the web designer that we will be up and functional at that time. We might have some kinks to work out...which would be quite natural. But by and large we will be ready to roll. Once you hear and see what is happening and what will happen in the future you will be amazed...even as we are!

In the meantime we continue meeting people who are involved in reaching the least reached people groups. We met up with Jeff Alvarez, who along with his family have been key pillars in the training of leaders in SE Asia. Jeff and Ellen have been involved in JONATHAN since it's beginning a little over ten years ago. They are seeing phenomenal success and incredible suffering and persecution- all at the same time in SE Asia. The Gospel is comforting to some and terrifying to others and you really see and experience that among the least reached people the Gospel is preached!

Judy and I also caught up with PETER AND RUTH XU who now live in Colorado. If you have read THE HEAVENLY MAN then you know about Peter and Ruth. Peter is the spiritual father to Brother Yun...key figure in THE HEAVENLY MAN. The Xu's are personal friends and he has been one of the key leaders in the unregistered house church movement in China for the past thirty years. He continues to be heavily involved in TAKING THE GOSPEL BACK TO JERUSALEM movement...a movement essentially among the Chinese.

Your prayers and support have been instrumental in bringing others alongside us in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the least reached people groups on the planet! Judy and I cannot thank you enough!


Graydon and Judy Jessup

P.S. If you would like to come to the June 3rd event in Yorba Linda, CA, give me a call or hit me with an email and we will give you the details.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An April note

Dear Friends,

You are some of the most patient people I know! This entry is late...but we are making progress! The latter part of March and the first part of April have been just a little hectic...but your life is crazy also...right? I just returned from the Philippines so let me fill you in on the happenings.

I traveled to the Philippines with one of the Elders from Boulder Valley Christian Church. We went there for two purposes. The first was to visit and work with a ministry to street kids funded by BVCC. The second was to connect with JONATHANS working with least reached people groups. We were able to accomplish both objectives.

Kids to Kids was that first ministry. BVCC became involved in this ministry to "squatters children" many years ago. The end result is that the Gospel is being preached to a least reached people group.

The "squatters" (and by the way there are such communities in all of the mega cities on the planet and they are unreached by and large) are people coming to the BIG city looking for opportunity. When they arrive they discover that they are not trained for any job and that living in the city is way different than the village they came from. End result, one Squatters village we visited- which was just a few blocks from the financial district of Manila- is 42 square blocks and approximately 200-400 families live in each block! (Question: How many people live in your block?) The poverty is overwhelming. The desperation, despondancy, discouragement is all in the air and is very real. Most people could not leave even if they wanted to. As a general rule they sold all they had just to get to the city.

We met some spiritually powerful people who are living in the middle of these Squatter's Villages and who are making a difference. Kids to Kids is one of those ministries. The JONATHANS who live in the Villages are planting churches like crazy. People meet in the open air or in their very small houses- usually one room and usually smaller than the smallest bedroom in your current home here in America. People are receiving HOPE...through Jesus Christ. And as HOPE wells up within, then slowly, circumstances begin to change.

We have very high hopes for all of these ministries. And we see where the JONATHAN TRAINING along with HEART AND SOUL90 are really making a huge difference...among these unreached people.

Remember that we have a date set for June 3rd to report all that God has done through these ministries- THE JONATHAN PROJECT and HEART AND SOUL90 as well as give you a birds eye view of what is happening with other partner ministries. We will also be able to give a full report on the web site which is nearing completion and which will be the main catalyst for what we are doing among the least reached people groups.

That June 3rd date will be in Orange County, CA. If you would want to know more hit me with an email and we will give you the particulars. In the meantime thank you so much for your prayers and your support as we partner together to reach the least reached among us!


Graydon and Judy Jessup

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dear Friends,

I am always happy when we can pray and fund ministry to an unreached people group. One of the churches I have been working with just let me know that they wanted to take on one of the least reached people groups we are connected to. When I say we are "connected to" a least reached people group I mean that we have "global JONATHANS" on the ground and ready to enter that specific people group. It is a win/win solution for everyone: for the people group; for the JONATHANS on the ground; and for the supporting church- and we get to connect them all together!

This church I am mentioning has made their commitment for 3-5 years. This church will get to know this people group through a number of ways: Through information we send; through the JONATHANS on the ground who will be sending us reports; through the possibility of personal trips to this people group. The church here in America is in on an exciting venture. The final and ultimate results will be known in eternity!

I have a date I want you to keep in mind. On June 3, 2011, (that is a Friday evening) Judy and I are going to host a get together in Yorba Linda, CA for our prayer warriors and financial supporters. This meeting is also open to anyone who just wants to know more about THE JONATHAN PROJECT and HEART AND SOUL90. If you would like to attend would you send me an email at the email address below and we will give you the address and time for this special meeting for special people, June 3rd in Yorba Linda, CA.

Lee Bridges is now in SE Asia. He was able to secure visa's for where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do. We'll keep you posted on his travels in that section of the world.

One other date you will want to keep on your refrigerator door would be the North American Christian Convention. (NACC) Held in Cincinnati, Ohio this July 5-8, we will be there in full force. If you are there look us up at THE HEART AND SOUL90 booth! You will be surprised what you find at that booth...I promise!

That is it for now. Thanks for reading this far! May the grace of the Lord be with you!


Graydon Jessup

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Brief Post

Dear Friends,

This post this morning will be brief and to the point!

*Our key guy, Lee Bridges, is in SE Asia.
*To have Lee on the ground is essential to the continued training of JONATHANS!
*He is well versed and totally experienced in this global mission!
*The new web site- HEART AND SOUL90 is in the developmental stage.
*The launch for people to subscribe to supporting JONATHANS is on target!
*We are set for two major conventions.
*From the two conventions we should end up with 10,000 email addresses.
*The prayer/financial support for JONATHANS will multiply exponentially!

Keep us in your prayers and thoughts. We are on a wild ride. More later!


Graydon and Judy Jessup
New HEART AND SOUL90 wbsite under construction!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Dear Friends,

Valentine's day, 2011! Expressions of love, devotion and appreciation are flowing in and over everything today. We know, generally speaking, that this "love" is a version of some form of romantic love...and that is all good. It is a day of saying, writing, calling, texting, emailing, sending, conveying in some form or fashion what it means to be "in love" or what it means to truly appreciate another person...from the heart!

A passage of scripture comes to mind when I think of the "love" of Jesus Christ for each one of us. II Corinthians 5:14a: "For Christ's LOVE compels us...." That is, the love Christ has for us "pulls us along," "tugs at us," "helps us to do something we very likely would never do...if it had not been for HIS love 'compelling' us!"

That is what we are all about in THE JONATHAN PROJECT and HEART AND SOUL90! Christ's love COMPELS us in this global ministry. I just received word from some of our JONATHANS who live and work in a very, very difficult part of the world. To understand just how treacherous this is, if you convert to Christ in this nation you are subject to public death! In other words, you very likely will pay with your life for believing in Jesus Christ and giving your heart and life to HIM...if the authorities discover the decision you have made! But "...Christ's LOVE compels us...." even in the face of those kinds of odds! The note I received from these JONATHANS only confirmed that eternal resolve!

Whether in a very hard country to preach the Gospel, or in a free country, "...Christ's LOVE compels us..." HEART AND SOUL90 is designed to help the JONATHANS of the world preach the Gospel in very difficult, least reached people groups.

As you pray and remember this next week...remember our brothers and sisters worshiping the Lord God Most High in places where their personal lives, their possessions, their families...all are on the line...and yet they continue to faithfully serve Jesus Christ...because HIS LOVE COMPELS them....

Standing with fellow believers throughout the world,

Graydon and Judy Jessup